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Regiment Roastry Medium 500g

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Regiment Coffee not only offers an exceptional coffee experience but also makes a positive impact. A percentage of each sale is donated back to serving war veterans, ensuring that every cup you enjoy contributes to a meaningful cause.

Picture yourself savouring that first sip of perfectly brewed coffee, your taste buds enveloped in layers of exquisite flavor. It's a moment of indulgence, of sensory bliss, and knowing that your enjoyment contributes to something greater. Every purchase provides vital services, ranging from healthcare support to job placement programs. Through our collective efforts, we aim to improve the lives of veterans, giving them the recognition, opportunities, and resources, they deserve.


Brazil Peaberry Coffee is famous for its smooth flavor, complex, intense aroma, and full bodied flavour.  Our medium has notes of Fine Citric Acidity, Chocolate, Nuts, Berries.

We recommend this roast for Filter, Pour Over, French Press and Aeropress.

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