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Prospect Tea Chamomile Chill Decaf single

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Prospect Tea Co. premium chamomile tea originates from the outer reaches of Egypt’s Nile Delta, where it has been harvested for generations for use both as a beverage and as herbal medicine. Ancient folklore attests to chamomile’s myriad medicinal properties. Indeed, it is still sipped for its relief from maladies ranging from toothache to the common cold. Enjoy this tea for whatever ails you: a rough day at the office or an overdose of in-laws. Take a deep breath and let the naturally relaxing herb with daisy-like flowers transport you away. Close your eyes. Brewed, our chamomile tea fills the air with the soothing aroma of freshly-cut apples. When you absolutely need a break from the daily grind – it’s chamomile chill time.

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