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Firebat - Organic Decaf 340g

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Decaf coffee that really gives us a flavorful experience is hard to find, we are very pleased with this organic decaf from Mexico, it is formidably tasty with predominant notes of chocolate with a nutty aftertaste, and no acidity.

These beans were grown on volcanic soil in the forested mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, in Nayarit region of Mexico. The beans were sourced from various small holder producers and decaffeinated following the Mountain Water Process using water from the Pico de Orizaba mountain.

Mountain Water Process is a chemical free process and gentle on the beans leaving much of their natural flavor intact. The green beans are soaked in water to open up the cell structure. A water-based green coffee extract or water saturated with green coffee compounds is used to wash the caffeine out. The extract is then filtered through carbon to remove the caffeine.

This coffee has notes of nuts, citric and cocoa

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