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Omni coffees have been referred lately in the coffee industry as coffees that because of their versatility, can be used either for espressos or pour overs while holding a very balanced flavor in terms of acidity, sweetness and aftertaste. Calera is exactly that, a coffee that regardless of the brewing method delivers a very smooth cup leaning to the cacao and sugary notes of the legendary great bourbon variety.

This is a fully washed coffee from the most northern part of El Salvador, it proudly exhibits its origin denomination from the mountain range known as Alotepec Metapan that has produced coffees high great aroma, a pleasant acidity with lots of cacao notes.

The importance of this region for of the utmost importance to El Salvador, it holds the last virgin forests in the country, and is the nursery of 7 rivers, being the most important the Lempa river which is the lifeline of the country.

Calera farm belongs to seven brothers, of whom the oldest, Samuel, manages the coffee production. Calera extends over a complete mountain, facing the El Trifinio natural reserve where El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras meet their border. Calera is planted with bourbon, pacamara, and Kenyan varieties. Coffee thrives among the centennial pine tree forest and the cool micro-climate provides optimal conditions for coffee production. Calera is a true ecological sanctuary providing crucial shelter for migratory birds, it is estimated that over 275 bird species live on this mountain range.

This coffee has notes of Chocolate, Sugar cane and Plum

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