De Mello Colombia La Union 227g

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Tasting Notes : Praline | Pear | Mandarine

This coffee is sourced from the Nariño region of Colombia, where it flourishes amidst the high altitudes ranging from 1800 to 1900 meters. La Union, nestled deep in Southern Colombia, boasts small-scale coffee farms, typically around 1 hectare each, contributing to this regional blend. The local producers deliver their coffee to centralized warehouses, ensuring a collective effort to produce this exceptional coffee. Situated amidst dramatic slopes and valleys, the geography of La Union influences the coffee’s high acidity and sweetness, resulting in a unique flavour profile representative of Nariño, Colombia’s southernmost coffee-growing region.

his process yields a clean, sweet, and complex cup, accentuated by delightful praline, pear, and mandarin notes. Representing the distinctive characteristics of Nariño, Colombia’s southernmost coffee-growing region, this blend embodies the geography’s influence, with its dramatic slopes and valleys shaping the coffee’s high acidity and sweetness.



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