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Southbrook Berry (Caffeine – Free + Organic)
A blend of dried grape skins from Niagara's Organic and Biodynamic Southbrook Vinyards, layered with hibiscus and berries for a delicious fruit tea. High in antioxidants and big on flavour - this tea is exceptional served as an iced tea with a sprig of fresh mint. 


These tea sachets make freshly brewed, premium iced tea simply and consistently. Just add one sachet to 1L of freshly boiled water, steep 15 minutes and remove sachet. Sweeten while warm if desired, and serve over ice.

For faster brewing, add 1 sachet to 500ml boiling water. Steep 15 minutes and remove sachet. Add two to three cups of ice, give it a stir, and you are ready to go!

Tea sachets are made at Pluck using fully compostable, non GMO plant based materials. 

Package contains 8 sachets

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